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Home Buyer Consultation

Thinking of buying a home? Our FREE Home Buyer Consultation Service will guide you step by step through the process. Take the first step and contact us now.

Have Ron Represent You

I am ready to represent YOU every step of the way throughout the home selling or home buying process. My professional Real Estate services include:

  • Preparing Professional & Comprehensive Market Evaluations (S & B)
  • Conducting A Pre-Listing Property Inspection & Evaluation (S)
  • A Professional Marketing Plan To Expose Your Home To The Buyer Market (S)
  • Constant Communication (S & B)
  • Access To Pre-Market Inventory (B)
  • Professional Guidance Throughout The Entire Sale/Purchase Process (S & B)

There is simply no substitute for my fifteen years of experience and knowledge of the Santa Clarita Real Estate market. Having represented hundreds of Sellers & Buyers, I understand the unique needs on both sides of every transaction. >>Learn More >>

Request A Market Evaluation

Planning on buying a new home or just selling your current property? I am happy to prepare a professional Market Evaluation of any home for free! Fill out the form below to get started.

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Creating Summer Buyer Attraction

Creating Summer Buyer Attraction

Summer is a great time to invest in outdoor upgrades and indoor options that make your home appealing to buyers. After months indoors, homebuyers respond quickly to outdoor amenities when scoping out homes to buy. Creating outdoor living areas and highlighting outdoor views give potential new owners the impression of both expanded space and bright,…Read More »

Is Your House the Right Investment to Fund Retirement?

Is Your House the Right Investment to Fund Retirement?

For many people, your home is your largest asset. Like your parents, and grandparents before them, you expect your home—in some way—to fund your retirement. For some of you, that means selling the home near retirement and using the funds to purchase a smaller home with money left over to live on. For others, you…Read More »